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Modelling Optimization of Energy Efficiency in Buildings for Urban Sustainability

MOEEBIUS introduces a Holistic Energy Performance Optimization Framework that enhances current modelling approaches and delivers innovative simulation tools which deeply grasp and describe real-life building operation complexities in accurate simulation predictions that significantly reduce the “performance gap” and enhance multi-fold, continuous optimization of building energy performance as a means to further mitigate and reduce the identified “performance gap” in real-time or through retrofitting.


MOEEBIUS final General Assembly and review meeting - day 2

Grab a short photostory of MOEEBIUS final General Assembly and review meeting second day. In the presence of EC Authorities - reviewers of our project performance - we highlight the most important aspects of MOEEBIUS four years activity in Mafra, Portugal. Mr. Helver Silva, President of Mafra City, visited us in Municipal Headquarters wishing us the success in project achievements dissemination as well as the successful project' holistic solution market uptake. We'd like to thank all our noble hosts in Mafra Municipality for their warm welcome and hospitality.


MOEEBIUS final General Assembly and review meeting

MOEEBIUS Consortium gathered in Mafra, Portugal, to proceed the final project General Assembly and review meeting. This is the time we will present MOEEBIUS achievements to EC authorities. So today, on the first day of the meeting, we rehearse, discuss and exchange comments on specific presentation dedicated to respective work packages within th project framework. Partners have the opportunity to consult different aspects of their presentations with each other. It confirms that the work of EU project consortia is mainly a collective effort. Grab some photos taken during the first of MOEEBIUS General Assembly in Mafra:

Mafra 1

MOEEBIUS presented via Smart Cities Information Systems

The interview with Filipe Neves da Silva (ISQ), representing MOEEBIUS demo site in Mafra, Portugal, was released on EU Smart Cities Information System website. Grab the link to the sneak peek article, as well as to the full inteview conducted by Anthony Colclough. "Machines are learning to care for humans and for the enviroment" - says Filipe: ARTICLE


MOEEBIUS in a programme of BUILD UP webinar! Register now!

We are proud to announce that MOEEBIUS project will be presented during the forthcoming BULID UP webinar on Building Operation and User Experience key to Enhanced Building Performance.

Don't hesitate to visit the page and register to the webinar using the following link:




Wednesday, July 17, 2019


EU  This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 680517.