MOEEBIUS pilot site in Belgrade – different buildings, interesting results

MOEEBIUS solutions are tested in Stepa Stepanovic entire district which comprises 48 diverse - functionally and operationally – buildings that have a built area of 434,000 sq.m. and an annual electricity consumption of 12,400 MWh. All buildings share a central district heating infrastructure which is collectively managed by BEOELEK (project Partner). The buildings house almost 12,000 occupants making this pilot site by far the largest pilot site of the MOEEBIUS project and a convincing platform for the demonstration of the framework’s value.

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Stepa Stepanovic Complex consists of:

  • 42 hectares of land
  • 44 buildings with 4,616 apartments
  • 434,000 m2 of residential and business space
  • 146 business premises
  • Primary school and Kindergarten
  • Accompanying public facilities.

The MOEEBIUS equipment is located in block of flats, school and kindergarten. So far, BEOELEK collected baseline data and installed equipment which receive every hour all additional information necessary to make an energy simulations. The MOEEBIUS equipment is installed in block of flats, school and kindergarten. Moreover, our Serbian partner works on mobile application aimed at presentation and analysis of all collected energy data. The designed application will allow all interested stakeholders to get an access to detailed information about:

  • Outdoor temperature and weather forecast for exact pilot location,
  • Daily, weekly and monthly energy consumption (presented in different units, such as kWh, kWh/ ℃, EUR/kWh, EUR/ ℃)
  • Results of comparison between neighbours, own consumption in different periods and theoretical consumption,
  • Malfunctions, overconsumption etc.
  • Measurements useful for all activities linked to quality assurance.

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Once the works on the application are finished, BEOLEK will organize workshop for 170 occupants and facility managers. Moreover, specification for the second phase of MOEEBIUS tests (measuring and controlling equipment in flats) will be prepared. BOELEK will also evaluate ESCOs business models, discussing them with different stakeholders from Belgrade such us building and flat owners, building managers etc. Results of these works will be presented in the next newsletters. 

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