After nearly of four years of collaboration the MOEEBIUS project will soon finalise its activities: the results should be ready to share in April. But meanwhile the best opportunity to review project's achievements was MOEEBIUS final conference organized on 28th of February 2019 in Wels, Austria, as a part of World Sustainable Energy Days 2019.

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Our presentation was proceeded in the framework of European Energy Efficiency Conference - one of specific WSED events, focused on Europe’s commitment to a clean energy transition. First (at noon) the Project Co-ordinator, Ander Romero, highlighted core ideas of MOEEBIUS towards scientific audience in the main conference hall, during the session entitled: "Energy Efficiency Lab: Tomorrow's solutions", when a variety of opportunities for new products and services in the area of energy transition was presented.

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During the workshop dedicated to MOEEBIUS in the more practical continuation of the conference  (6 parallel sessions of Innovation Workshops Energy & Buildings, after 2 p.m.) MOEEBIUS experts presented the series of analysis based on the digest of current project's activities, focused on specific project's elements (from rationale, through technical specification and MOEEBIUS objectives to its novel vision of market uptake) as well as their successful combination.


The Project Co-ordinator, Ander Romero (representing Tecnalia, Spain) presented the general view and core ideas of MOEEBIUS. Then, respectively, our speakers put their emphasis on particular elements of the project. The consortium of MOEEBIUS was represented by: Fiilipe Silva (ISQ), Pablo de Agustin (Tecnalia), Jakub Malanik (Honeywell),  Brendan O'Flynn (Tyndall), Georg F. Schneider (THN), Mircea Bucur (KiWi). Additionally, Michele Vavalo from Solintel presented the initialy outlined framework of project's hollistic solution way to market. All speakers, subsequently, answered numerous questions asked by conference's participants during panel disscusion finalising the meeting.


All procedures of MOEEBIUS final conference were recorded and will be available soon via project's social media channels (youtube).

The conference was organized by ASM (consortium partner responsible for dissemination and communication activities, between others) with the special participance and help of Agnieszka Kowalska, Katarzyna Stachurska - Kadziak and Remigiusz Mielczarek as a Chairperson. Conference organisers would kindly like to thank Anja Gahleitner and all friendly team of ESV (OOEnergieSparVerband), the entity creating WSED organisation commitee, for their patience and hospitality. 




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