MOEEBIUS project reports:

  1. MOEEBIUS DER Flexibility Analysis, Aggregation and Forecasting Module
  2. MOEEBIUS Dissemination and Communication Plan
  3. MOEEBIUS Living Lab Activities Planning
  4. End-user & business requirements
  5. New Business Models and Associated Energy Management Strategies
  6. MOEEBIUS Energy Performance Assessment Methodology
  7. Functional and Non-functional requirements of the MOEEBIUS framework and individual components
  8. MOEEBIUS Comfort Profiling Models
  9. MOEEBIUS Models of DER devices
  10. MOEEBIUS Indoor Air Quality Assessment Models
  11. MOEEBIUS Building-Level Middleware
  12. Wireless Sensor/Actuator Network Specification for Accurate, Complete and Non-Intrusive Sensing
  13. Local and Global Energy performance models
  14. MOEEBIUS Common Information Model