Facilitating EPC market

MOEEBIUS objective: Facilitating Energy Performance Contracting penetration in EU Energy Services Markets through the provision of a replicable and easily transferable framework.

The holistic approach introduced in MOEEBIUS towards significantly reducing the performance gap and aligning predicted energy performance values with the actual operation of buildings (as already described above) will enhance the ability of ESCOs to guarantee results and commonly agree with customers on the savings targets (along the building lifecycle), thus reducing business risks that have hindered the growth of the ESCO market, especially at EU level. This will, in turn, eliminate the need for the addition of risk-hedging costs on-top of pure energy services, consequently increasing the payback attractiveness of energy performance contracts and reinforcing confidence of customers regarding EPC effectiveness.

The MOEEBIUS tools and overall framework will be evaluated over a period of 20 Months and validated in real-life conditions, in different buildings (office buildings, residential buildings, hotels, schools, sports complexes, retail buildings), districts characterized by increased heterogeneity (incorporating a variety of energy management systems) and interaction features between buildings (district heating systems, distributed generation and renewable energy sources). Pilots will take place under different environmental, social and cultural contexts in three dispersed geographical areas (London in the UK, Mafra in Portugal and Belgrade in Serbia).

Even though the high diversification of the pilot sites poses significant challenges for the seamless porting, application and performance of MOEEBIUS tools, it simultaneously offers a representative variety of requirements to verify their soundness and robustness through real-life validation and enhances their transferability and replication potential