Introducing novel ESCO business models

MOEEBIUS objective: Introducing Novel ESCO Business Models and New Energy Market Roles enabling the transition to demand-driven Smart Grid Services through Demand Side Aggregators

Apart from validating the viability of currently existing EPC contracts and dominant business models in the ESCO market, the project will experiment with first-of-a-kind business models on the basis of novel Energy Efficiency Services Agreements (EESA). The EESAs will comprise highly effective and flexible performance guarantee contracts that involve ESCOs in holistic energy performance optimization strategies (retrofitting, maintenance, control) along building’s whole lifecycle.By, enabling accurate base-lining, improved commissioning and deviations management (in real-time or through retrofitting), optimized payback periods (by maximizing operational/ energy cost savings) and attractive Return-On-Investment (ROI) rates for retrofitting projects will be achieved. Moreover, at the level of building blocks and districts MOEEBIUS will validate the business role of the Demand Side Aggregator offering appropriate tools for Demand Flexibility Analysis and Aggregation.

MOEEBIUS will enable effective peak-load management and the transformation of demand-driven Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) to active energy market commodities, competitive against traditional resources (power generation) used for the provision of balancing and ancillary services to the distribution grid. MOEEBIUS will allow Demand Side Aggregators to test and validate hybrid business models that combine Demand Response Services provision to the distribution grid with Energy Efficiency Services provision to building or district managers, thus enabling improved hedging and profit maximization through direct control strategies applied over non-critical but of significant size building loads (HVAC and Lighting).

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