Modelling Optimization of Energy Efficiency in Buildings for Urban Sustainability

MOEEBIUS introduces a Holistic Energy Performance Optimization Framework that enhances current modelling approaches and delivers innovative simulation tools which deeply grasp and describe real-life building operation complexities in accurate simulation predictions that significantly reduce the “performance gap” and enhance multi-fold, continuous optimization of building energy performance as a means to further mitigate and reduce the identified “performance gap” in real-time or through retrofitting.


Serbian pilot site is located in Belgrade. It is an entire district which comprises 48 diverse - functionally and operationally – buildings that have a built area of 434,000 sq.m. and an annual electricity consumption of 12,400 MWh. All buildings share a central district heating infrastructure which is collectively managed by BEOELEK (project Partner). The buildings house almost 12,000 occupants making this pilot site by far the largest pilot site of the MOEEBIUS project and a convincing platform for the demonstration of the framework’s value.

Most buildings of the pilot site form a residential building group comprising 44 buildings with 64 flats each in five stories and is situated in the “Stepa Stepanovic” neighbourhood of the city of Belgrade. The main usage of space on floors from ground floor to the attic floor is residential, and the basement is a garage with 24 units. The ground floor level houses to flats and tenant storage spaces. Total heated space is 3790 sq.m. The building houses 201 tenants in total. Its heat installation capacity (calculated in the outside design temperature -18°C) is 307 kW. A district heating substation is situated in the basement of the building and supplies heat energy for this building exclusively.

serbia building group

Additionally, the pilot includes four other builds with an educational, recreational or commercial purpose:

  • the primary school “Dragan Lukic”, situated in the “Bezanijska Kosa” neighbourhood in the city of Belgrade (educational building);

  • primary school “Danilo Kis”, situated in the “Stepa Stepanovic” neighbourhood in the city of Belgrade (educational & recreational building);

  • children facility “Mala Sirena”, situated in the “Stepa Stepanovic” neighbourhood of the city of Belgrade.(educational building);

  • administrative building of BEOELEK which is situated in the Novi Beograd part of capital of Serbia (commercial building).

Wednesday, July 17, 2019


EU  This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 680517.