[REPORT] MOEEBIUS DER Flexibility Analysis, Aggregation and Forecasting Module

The main objective of this document is to provide the updated documentation about DER Forecasting, Aggregation and Flexibility Analysis Module (DAFM) specifications. Moreover, the following report develops a detailed view of the tool along with the early evaluation of the different functionalities supported by the tool. The role of the module is to support energy optimization and peak load management through the effective utilization of aggregated demand flexibility.

This deliverable is the updated version of D6.1, providing the final development of the DAFM platform for the Aggregator. The tool incorporates the list of features defined for the tool enhanced with a visually appealing GUI to facilitate the business stakeholders. The manual documentation accompanies the development of the module, supporting that way a better understanding of the different views of the system. Finally, the alpha test evaluation of the module is reported. The UCD approach has been adopted in the project (following the establishment of the living lab at the very early phase of the project) and thus an early evaluation of the different system functionalities is taking place prior to the final deployment of the tool.

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