The second workshop in Belgrade proved to be undeniable success

Our Serbian project partner, Beogradske Elektrane, organized the second Living Lab workshop aimed at training and improving skills of local inhabitants in the area of optimizing and reducing energy consumption. The workshop took place on 12th and 13th March 2018 at Serbian pilot site, Stepan Stepanovic neighbourhood. 43 building occupants got an opportunity to better recognize opportunities provided by MOEEBIUS project, including expected energy savings and overall architecture of the MOEEBIUS system developed in residential buildings. Our pilot partner reminded all participants the most important goals of MOEEBIUS and potential benefits resulting from the project. Moreover, DEMOs objectives and pilot deployment were presented to give the all attendees better overview of role played by the neigbourhood in tests conducted within the frame of MOEEBIUS.


During the meeting, all participants discussed about functionalities available in web application developed in order to better control energy consumption in the whole building and particular dwellings as well. Beogradske Elektrane tested this application together with the occupants and got their feedback on the web application. During the meeting, the further tasks of the building users were presented, so that the pilot partner can continue local tests and identify all required improvements in technological solution which is the core part of MOEEBIUS project.


At the end of the meeting, all participants filled the questionnaire focused on usability and functionality of the MOEEBIUS system. Thanks to that, direction of the furter promotional and training activities will be elaborated, as the good relationship with potential end-users is a fundamental prerequisite of MOEEBIUS market success. It is worth noting that feedback from the occupants was very positive and the pilot partner is going to organize the next workshop in October 2018, when heating season starts. What is more, door-to-door education is also planned in order to gain attentiion of all people who can contribute to the project.

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