MOEEBIUS General Assembly #6, 9th - 10th of May 2018, Bilbao


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Members of MOEEBIUS consortium gathered in Bilbao, Spain in Tecnalia (project coordinating Partner) headquarters to submit current achievements of project progress. In 30th month of project' life MOEEBIUS started its most significant phase based on Living Lab experiments carring out on assigned pilot sites: in Serbia, Portugal and England.

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Presenting the results of their efforts to the whole Consortium, Partners accented the meaning of the initial tests of solutions developing within the Living Labs continously implemented on experimental pilot sites. This kind of practical testing the unique relation between technical project' aspect and it's social influence give the project opportunity to distinguish from among different but similiar European initiatives.

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Assembly participants reported the current state of their tasks and deliverables to the Project Coordinator assuming generally that the project goes according to the plan, without any outstanding delays and being not threaten by any outer dangers. 




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