MOEEBIUS in relationship with ExcEED

Those developing similar topics should cooperate on different activities - this is the main idea of clustering collaboration between projects under the HORIZON 2020 EU Programme. MOEEBIUS, together with its sister project HOLISDER, started to share and exchange experiences, good practise and ideas with ExcEED 





(European Energy Efficient building district Database), the project which is focused on creation of an European database for measured and qualitative data on beyond the state-of-art buildings and districts. In this area - of energy efficiency - main objectives of these pending projects seems to be suitable for the further cooperation.

The main objective of this common cooperation between similar EU projects is to showcase relevant ideas in order to build a learning network and communicate interesting results.


Moeebius ExcEED

We really look forward to a fruitful cooperation with ExcEED, with hopes to share many significant achievements and, thus, mutually benefit from this situation.  


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