MOEEBIUS Final Conference presentations

Please use following links to read or download specific presentation:

Ander Romero (Tecnalia) - "Higher energy efficiency and lower business risk". Conference: Energy Efficiency Lab: Tomorrow's solutions

Ander Romero (Tecnalia) - "Modelling energy in buildings for urban sustainability"

Filipe Silva (ISQ) - "Novel business models and new energy market roles"

Pablo De Agustin (Tecnalia) - "Advancing the capabilities of energy simulation tools"

Jakub Malanik (Honeywell) - "Open and semantically enhanced Middleware"

Brendann O'Flynn (Tyndall) - "Innovative sensing and controll devices"

Georg F. Schneider - "Integrated applications for energy performance optimisation"

 Mircea Bucur (KIWI) - "A replicable and easily transferable framework"